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How to use the Mercuri Gorgias app ?


Mercuri seamlessly integrates with Gorgias to provide an AI-driven chat experience, leveraging your eCommerce store data and past tickets to learn and replicate your brand's unique voice. This guide will walk you through installing and testing the Mercuri app within the Gorgias platform.

Installing the Mercuri App on Gorgias

Step 1: Connect the App

  1. Access Gorgias App Store:

    • Navigate to Settings > App Store > All Apps in your Gorgias account.

  2. Locate and Install Mercuri:

    • Find Mercuri listed under Chat Apps.

    • Click to install and approve the necessary permissions.

  3. Account Setup:

    • After installation, you will be redirected to the Shopify listing page.

    • Open the Mercuri app from there and create a new account if you haven't already.

Step 2: Preview and Test Mercuri

  1. Create a Mercuri Account:

    • If not already done, sign up by creating an account by clicking on the view dashboard button on the right panel.

  2. Data Syncing:

    • Mercuri will automatically fetch tickets and data from your Shopify store.

    • The bot undergoes training based on your products, policies, orders, and website data.

  3. Testing the Bot:

    • Test the Mercuri bot's responses and functionality either on the Mercuri dashboard or directly on your website.

Best Practices for Effective Integration

  • Regular Data Updates: Ensure your eCommerce data is regularly updated on Mercuri for accurate bot training.

  • Customizing Responses: Tailor the bot's responses in the Mercuri dashboard to align with your brand tone and customer service guidelines.

  • Feedback and Iteration: Regularly review the bot's performance and customer interactions to refine its responses and functionality.

Troubleshooting and Support

If you encounter any issues during installation or operation, please refer to our FAQ section or contact our support team at karthik@mercuri.cx


By integrating Mercuri with your Gorgias chat, you can enhance your customer support experience, leveraging AI to provide quick, consistent, and brand-aligned responses. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth setup and optimal performance.

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