SMS Integration

Policies regarding consent requirements, double opt-in, opt-outs and contents we do not allow.

At Mercuri CX, our mission is to facilitate seamless communication between businesses and their customers. We believe in the power of conversation to enhance customer experiences. As part of our commitment to this mission, all communications sent through Mercuri CX must be done with the recipient's consent. We are dedicated to ensuring that messages delivered via our platform reach individuals who are genuinely interested in receiving them.

Our Acceptable Use Policy outlines the types of content that are permissible through Mercuri CX. This Messaging Policy is designed to assist our customers in sending compliant messages.

Opt-in Consent Requirements

  • Before sending any communication through Mercuri CX, you must have explicit consent from the recipient, a process known as "opting in." The nature of the communications they have agreed to receive should be made clear to them.

  • This consent is specific to the types of messages agreed upon and does not permit the sending of different types of messages or messages on behalf of another entity.

  • Consent cannot be transferred or inherited from another entity. Direct consent from the recipient is required.

  • If you receive an inbound message from a contact who has not opted in, you may respond within the context of their message. For any communication beyond that, further consent must be obtained.

Double Opt-In Consent

For use cases often associated with unsolicited messages, such as affiliate marketing, lead generation, financial services, tax preparation, and job alerts, Mercuri CX requires a double opt-in:

  1. Initially, the recipient must agree to receive texts from you.

  2. Your first message must identify your organization and ask the recipient to confirm their consent, for example: "This is [Your Company]. You've opted in to receive updates from us. Reply YES to confirm or STOP to unsubscribe."

Only after receiving a "YES" can you proceed with sending further communications.

Recipient Opt-Out Requirements

To align with updates to our Messaging Policy and carrier guidelines, all outbound messages (excluding direct responses) will include:

  1. Sender ID (your organization's name) for identification.

  2. Opt-out instructions, e.g., "Reply STOP to opt-out."

Recipients can opt back in by sending "START" to your Mercuri CX number.

Content Restrictions

To maintain the integrity of our service, Mercuri CX prohibits the transmission of certain content, including:

  • Illegal activities in the recipient's jurisdiction.

  • Fraudulent messages.

  • Malicious content like malware or viruses.

  • Hate speech or harassment.

A detailed list of prohibited content is available in our Acceptable Use Policy.

Policy Enforcement

Mercuri CX and our partners monitor for non-compliant messages. Detected violations may lead to message blocking or suspension of the sender's number. While we aim to guide our customers towards compliance, intentional breaches of these policies may result in termination of access to Mercuri CX.

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